Pilot and Research Projects

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"Management in Natura 2000 areas"

In the last few years BIOSA has been intensively involved in Natura2000.During this pilot project many information meetings were held and the first solutions worked out between BIOSA and the landowners as to the best way for them to individually trans-position the EC directives.

Jubilee Fund Project "Kohltrattenmoor"

This high altitude moor was formed over 10.000 years ago, and is held to be the prime indicator of vegetation and climatic changes in the region. Thanks to the financial support through the National Bank Jubilee Fund, two research projects revealed the changes in climate and vegetation of the area since the last ice age.


Technical forest charts

The technical forest charts are instruments to be used voluntarily; they are a means of avoiding conflicting interests. In order to create a simple, practical and flexible planning element for forestry; a framework was developed. This framework can be adapted to any theme, and a supplement allows detailed planning.

BIOSA developed the first technical charts with the project partners on the following themes: "Forest and Water", "Forest and Game", "Cultural achievement of a private forestry estate", "Forest and Tourism", "The forest needs small holders", "Forest and Natura 2000".